Achieving ACO Data Integration

A primary focus of many healthcare organizations recently has been an increased deployment of health IT solutions. However, with so many data sources existing outside the organization, healthcare organizations, ACOs in particular, have struggled to find an effective solution to integrate these out-of-network data sources into their own system.

With ACOs bringing together potentially hundreds of providers, each with their own internal systems, interoperability within an ACO itself can be a tremendous challenge. When combined with the external data sources on elements such as acute care, ambulatory care, pharmacy care, and others, it becomes clear why enhancements to health IT are a top priority.

In a recent survey of ACOs, 80 percent indicated that data integration, particularly from out-of-network sources, presented the largest challenge they face among their health IT initiatives.  With some ACOs looking to integrate data from 50 or more different external sources, the need to synthesize these many sources of data into a single, cohesive look at population health is great.

Many struggle to reach actionable data in time to make it effective.

Salient ACO offers a turnkey analytical solution that brings together disparate data sources and provides actionable data to every level of the organization, enabling ACOs to rapidly evaluate, remediate, and continuously improve overall population healthcare, financial performance, and the quality of medical services.

Salient’s cloud-based technology enables ad hoc discovery and graphic visualization of healthcare performance outliers, along with their root causes, in an easy-to-use interface with drillable dashboards – ensuring everyone from the CEO to the point of care is making better decisions.
Learn more about how Salient ACO can help provide your healthcare organization with deeper analytics or sign up for a free trial.

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