ACOs: Implications and Necessities

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has forever changed healthcare in America.  Private practices, hospitals and other healthcare providers must evolve with the times to remain in business. However, with the Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP), there is a new opportunity to increase profit while improving the health of patients. The big question everyone is asking is how to provide “best practice” healthcare while taking advantage of the new reforms?

In an article by Mary Witt of the Camden Group, it’s mentioned how practices are showing great progress and profit by taking part in the MSSP. The ACO (Accountable Care Organization) model, of which there are several potential models and implications to this model, is the current solution that supports healthcare providers that serve Medicare patients.

An ACO needs to focus attention on the Triple Aim solution to be effective and ultimately share in the profits of the MSSP. 1) Lowering costs; 2) improving patient satisfaction; and 3) providing higher quality of care are all intertwined and have a unique role to play. These goals and outcomes will only be achieved with software that can provide the instantaneous feedback required to make timely decisions that not only improve health, but also allow the ACO to maximize their shared savings.

The trends and implications of ACOs and the current healthcare climate are vast, but some of the most important aspects can be found in the article below.

Full article here: The Camden Group.

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