Medicaid Value Based Contracts

Entities participating in value-based contracts need powerful and comprehensive information that provide actionable insight into their performance in order to succeed.

Salient Healthcare’s value-based contracting solution provides executives the ability to use a solution that enables users to perform complex, ad hoc analyses with ease.

From the CEO overseeing program success to the analyst diving into drivers of performance, we help curate an experience that allows for all levels of skill to create meaningful analyses and continuously improve performance .

We focus on the core foundations of value based contracting:

  • finance
  • attribution
  • network utilization
  • risk
  • quality

Salient’s value-based contracting solution helps you meet the specific needs of your clinically integrated networks, independent physician associations, or other value-based contracting arrangements.

Financial Analysis

Provide users with the ability to evaluate the program at the highest level with the added capacity to drill down to providers to measure their contribution to the overall success of the program.

  • Get a quick snapshot of overall financial performance
  • Breakdown costs by provider, practice, facility, patient
  • Drill into costs by managed care organizations, category of service
  • Filter results by provider and chronic condition
  • Find high utilizers and cost drivers


  • Track Quality Measures at Provider and Beneficiary Levels
  • Understand where you need administrative or clinical focus
  • Understand which providers need help in managing cost and quality
  • Produce targeted, actionable lists of patients in most need of immediate or long term care

Provider Network Utilization

  • Easily understand and manage Network Performance
  • Learn the types and varieties of services beneficiaries are utilizing
  • Identify where your clients are using services
  • Gain meaningful insights into facility utilization including ER, inpatient and primary care locations

Member Attribution

  • Manage Attribution
  • Gain insight around attribution drivers and population churn
  • Guide providers in the identification and management of their clinical population
  • Understand attribution demographics


Risk Metrics

  • Easily identify high risk beneficiaries for care management and clinical intervention
  • Quickly identify beneficiaries with changing risk scores that adversely impact benchmark calculations
  • Target high risk populations to improve clinical outcomes